Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Ahead - I Dare Ya!

I challenged myself to a challenge.  As I noticedmy "scrap bin" overflowing with paper pieces, of different shapes and sizes.  I must admit, I have to figure out a better way to organize my scrap bin!  Any suggestions will be taken into consideration!  Anyway, I closed my eyes and reached into the scrap bin and pulled out a piece of paper.  "I have to use this."  So, then I thought:  "Why not just go back in there and see what comes out!"  So I closed my eyes again and reached in...  and then again...  So I decided I would use all of those pieces to make a card.  I have a little drawer that I keep all of those pesky, but loved, Cricut cuts that weren't the right size, or color for whatever project I was making.  I thought, why not, right?  So I blindly picked one of those out as well...  VERY SCARY!!!!  I was a little nervous and thought that some people might not like what comes out of this little project!  But, it was a mini adventure in the realm of my craftroom, all picked by feel, not by looks.  It didn't turn out too bad!  The only thing I allowed myself to do was to stamp something and use a pen, and trim the pieces with my paper trimmer to get them the correct size I wanted..  No inking, nothing else!

So, if you are like me, and have tons of scrap little pieces, please challenge yourself to choose blindly what you will create with!  It's kind of exhilerating and petrifying all at the same time!  I hope you like my "Scrappy Card!"  I think that is what I am going to start calling these...  Scrappy Cards!  If you make a Scrappy Card, please please share it with me!  I would love to see it!  You can email me at

By the way, I think the Scalloped Circle is from Storybook. 

Thanks for peeking!



  1. Hi, I love your card and your blog!
    Momo sent me, and I am a new follower.
    I grew up in Kentucky and I "bleed blue"!
    Go Cats.
    hop over and visit my blog when you can:

    See ya

  2. I think your card turned out great! Found you through Momo and am now following your blog.


  3. what a great idea.i'm a new follower. come by and visit.

  4. Sounds like a great idea to me! I am a new follower and Momo sent me. Thanks for stopping by my blog I look forward to seeing your new projects.
    Cindy Lou

  5. Love your Scrappy Card! Your new follower, Momo senst me!

  6. Hey M!! I wanted to pass along an award to you - the Versatile Blogger award!! Come by my site to claim it!


  7. Thanks for becoming a follower. I am one of your newst followers thanks to Momo.

  8. Hi! Thank you for poasting on my blog! I try try to use my scraps too! Your card turned out cute!
    crafting in the pines

  9. I think it turned out fab! I put all my scraps in gallon size baggies sorted by color (I have 8 gallon size baggies) I go thru once ever couple of months and cut down the ones that are really cut up and only save the pieces that are large enough to use again. The smaller pieces I punch into smaller shapes and put in a container. I am a new follower, sent by the fabulous Momo! I love your blog, I am so glad Momo is doing this! I am following a ton of awesome blogs now! Would be so blessed if you would stop by my blog at

  10. your card came out great! what a fun blog! I am so glad to be sent by Momo and become a follower

  11. WOW, this came out great! What a wonderful idea to use up scraps. I can see how it would be scary though, what if the papers really clash, lol.

    I found you through Momo. Isn't this so sweet of her to do for us. I have found so many great blogs I would have missed. Now I am following more than I think I will be able to comment on, lol

  12. What a great adventure! It's so hard to use those scraps up, especially with new paper coming in :) I love your idea and may try it when I have the courage :)
    From your newest follower - Annie

  13. I really love this card and your journals are fantastic~ I found you thru Momo, too~