Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Are Things? Pelican and Turtle...

I loved making this card - it was SO FUN!  But also perhaps a little pain in the but too!  :o)  The green frame is the negative of my previously posted card "You are the Flame to my Candle."  I love using scraps!  The paper is leftover from my SailBoat B-Day card...  MORE scraps used - YES!!!  The turtle stamp and Pelican stamp I bought at Joann's from their dollar bin as well as the sentiment "How are things?"  I colored in the turtle with colored pencils as well as the bubbles,  so that the little guy would look like he was under water (not as bright as the pelican).  The Pelican, however was a little more challenging...  I used my white gel pen to color him in (since flocking didn't work well the first time), and used an orange gel pen to color in his beak and feet.  It's times like this when I wish they made a white stamp pad... does anyone?  Coloring him in while leaving the details of the actual stamp was a bit challenging, but I think it came out alright!  The little dock was hand "built" with scrap strips of brown paper.  A lot of inking, and voila!!! 

Thank you for looking!

You Are The Flame to My Candle

This is another card I made for my You are the ____ to my ____ series that I wrote out one day.  The candle and candle holder are from my Christmas cartridge that I received free with my Gypsy upgrade PC did last year?  The scalloped frame is from Sentimentals and I stretched it to fit the size I wanted.  I added a bit of doodling and a little inking and some gold ribbon behind it...  which now I must say, I am not a fan of gold (at all) or the gold ribbon on the card itself, but at the time it seemed right, but now... I don't know...  The sentiment is hand written and there's some inking on the candle holder.  I used the negative of the scalloped frame on another project, posting soon (you know me, I love to use scraps)! 

Thank you for looking!


I had this paper in my stash and tried to look at it some other way than water....   curtains, an awning, ANYTHING...  but that didn't work, so water it is!!!  I used a scrap piece of blue cardstock, stamped the sentiment, and then colored it in with a silver pen.  The Sailboat is from Gypsy Wanderings, layered twice, and everything is inked.  I needed some more Birthday cards in my stash (particularly ones that weren't so feminine) and this is what I came up with.  This can be used for a guy or a gal!

Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quilled Flowers on a Tag Card

Hello everyone!  I have been absent from both my craft room and my blog lately.  I have been so busy with work and other things going on, that I just couldn't get motivated, nor had the inspiration to create...  so, so sad.  But last night, I broke the cycle!  I spent a good couple of hours in my craft room, cleaning up, putting things away (where they belong and not just pushed to the side - we all do it)!  So wonderful to have everything in it's place, right?  That sparked my imagination in itself!  I have been practicing my quilling techniques for some time now....  I would cut several strips of paper and then sit with my hubby as we are watching on our favorite programs on TV, and I would play around with shapes and sizes.  Well, I was at Joann's on Saturday night and found a quilling kit of papers and a little pamphlet on techniques, with lots of detailed pictures.  So, I bought it!  :o)  I came home and immidietly opened it up and checked out the book and was amazed at what I saw!  Shapes I had never tried, patterns I never thought about!  And this is what I made! 

I made this, while I was trying to come up with a sympathy card for a young lady I am very fond of. I figured that in this situation a sad sympathy card is not what she needs, but more of a "thinking of you."  I wanted it to be girly and joyful looking to perhaps cheer her up, or bring a smile to her face.  She lost her boyfriend of about a year in a tragic car accident. 

The tag is cut from Sentimentals, and then I added my own quilling, as well as ribbons to keep the tags together to form a card.  I hope she likes it and knows that I am thinking of her and keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you for looking and I promise to get back on my game of being creative!  :o)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Snail Mail Should Never Go Out of Style!

I'm not quite sure where to begin on describing this card!  The mat on the front is from Just Because, the mushrooms are from Cindy Lou, the snail is from Sentimentals.  I staples some ribbon onto the mat (with green staples), Embossed the background mat - with two different embossing floders, the yellow on the mushrooms, and the shell on the snail.  The mushrroms are inked and doodled on, as is the shell on the snail.  I made a "snail Box" out of the negative part of the mushroom and that opens so that the little snail can put his card in there!  :o)  I normally don't post pictures of the inside of my cards, but on this one I did.  I had a smaller mushroom that worked perfectly for the inside!  The sentiment on the front is computer generated, lots of doodling, inking, layers, etc... This entire card, yes, entire card, was made from paper from my scrap bin!  YEAH!!! I don;t really know what else to say other than I hope you enjoy looking!  :o)

Thanks for stopping by!

You are the Strawberries to my Shortcake!

I wanted to try something different on this one, and  think it turned out pretty cute!  The Strawberries are from Indie Art, and the Cake with layers is from Just Because Cards and Cuttlebugged it.  The sentiment is hand-written, edges are torn and paperclips hold the sentiment and the ribbon together (with a little help from some glue!)

Thanks for looking!

You Are the Sunshine to my Cloudy Day

This was fun!  Another card in my series of trying to use up those phrases I wrote out:  "You are the ____ to my ____."  Lots of Cuddlebugging on this one, and a little pop-dotting as well!  The clouds are from Stand and Salute, and the Sun is from Just Because Cards.  I inked the sun with yellow, and then the tips with red.  The sky background and clouds were inked with a light blue.  A little doodling and that's it!

Thank you for looking!

You are the Ink to my Pen

What a fun cad to make, but, I will say I think this is still missing something!  I will have to stare at it a while and see what my brain thinks!  :o)

The "pen" and INK are cut from the Sentimentals Cricut cartridge.  I used some ribbon with adhesive already on it and just layered it.  This card in its entirety was made all from scraps!  I so love using scraps!  There is quite a bit of inking on this one as well, and I made sure I put some ink on the end of the feather as well! 

Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I received an award! {blushing}

I am horrible at checking my emails, I will admit, and just found out that I received an award!  This award was so wonderfully bewtowed upon me by Laurie from:  I love her projects, and honestly was one of my first insiprations in the blogging world!  Please go and check her out, you will not be dissappointed!  :o) 

As with any award there comes responsibilities, so, here are the responsibilities I must uphold: 

1.)  Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends.
2.)  Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs.
3.)  You also have to tell 5 Cricut related things about yourself.

So here goes...

5 Things about myself that includes Cricut:
1.>  I received a Cricut from my husband for Christmas several years ago and my life was forever changed! 
2.>  I have a Gypsy of which I simply adore!
3.>  I have about 12 cartridges? I think
4.>  I am constantly wondering what I can make next with my Cricut, and sometimes even dream in Cricut!
5.>  My Cricut has opened so many doors in my world, has become my hobby/obsession (at times) and has introduced me to some wonderful people in the Internet World!

So, now I must pass along this award to 10 people...  in no particular order:

1.  Jo -
2.  Sherry -
3.  Kate -
4.  Sandi -
5.  Judy-Ann -
6.  Theresa -
7.  Brandy -
8.  Melissa -
9.  Alley Cat-
10.   Arlene -

Thank you again for the award, Laurie!  I appreciate it!

Hugs to all!
Stay Crafty!

I just love this paper!

So I tried to let it shine!  The paper I bought with a coupon from JoAnn's this past weekend (so much for being on a roll with using nothing but scraps)!  I love the colors, the pattern, the "old school" look of it all.  Everything I had imagined for it though and all the cuts I made just covered it up though, and I wanted it to be more than just a background, so I used the Sticker Feature on my Just Because Cartridge, and cut this flower.  A lot of inking, a simple Happy Birthday stamp, and a little Cuttlebug.  A lady I work with, Karen, her Birthday is today.  I hope she likes it!

As always, thank you for looking!