Monday, April 25, 2011


A gentleman that I work with asked me to make his wife a Birthday card.  I asked him what she liked, flowers, or anything like that!  He said, Nascar, baseball, and a couple of other things.  Then he mentioned Fenton Glass, by Lenox, every year he buys her one.  I asked him what that was and he took me to their website and showed me the following pictures.  Romeo is the green little piggy and Juliet is the pink little piggy!  I thought these little guys were too cute!

So that was my inspiration and I took it from there...  I hope she likes it, and I hope he does too!  :o)  The piggies are cut from Just Because Cards, the hearts and grass are from Plantin Schoolbook; the balloons are scraps that I already had cut out and added them to the little pig's tails; the banner is hand cut, and hand written.  The candle is a Cuddlebug die cut, and from the same die cut, I used the "Make A Wish" for the sentiment on the inside.  There is quite a bit of doodling to make the little piggies complete. 

As always, THANK YOU for taking the time to look at what I have created!  It means a lot to me!

Close up of Juliet.

Close up of Romeo.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Inspired by my fur baby, Abigail, my chocolate lab.  Once again, all made from scraps!  Even trees that I had cut for a different project that were totally not the right size!  I used Just Because Cards for the Truck, layered and used buttons on the wheels.  The fur baby is from Paper Pups, as is the little purple butterfly she is chasing!  The trees I think are from Cindy Lou?  I can't remember, like I said, it was scrap pieces.  I cuttlebugged the greenery on the tree, and had some scrap pre-embossed hugs and kisses paper left over from I don't remember when.  I thought that would go perfect for this card and the sentiment.  The inside sentiment is exactly how the Title of this post is worded: "Just a Little Pick (me) Up..."

Thank you for looking!


I am really loving how this card turned out!  :o)  Scrap pieces of paper for everything!  Strips of paper cut 1" wide, one patterened, one textured!  Chocolate brown background, lots of inking, and doodling!  The flowers were cut from Storybook, and I added floss to the buttons.  The ribbon leaves just did it for me!  I love everything about this card!  I think it turned out really well!  I did not put a sentiment on the front or on the inside.  I don't know if I will.  I just liked it the way it was: You can have blank cards, right?  ;o)

Thank you for looking!


Now that I think of it, it can be for a man or a woman!  But, a masculine card was what I was going for!  :o)  The sundae is from Just Because Cards, and the letters "happy" are from Lyrical Letters.  The letters "BIRTHDAY" are hand-written.  The rounded edges were actually cut from JBC as well, one of the background pieces for I believe the sheep card.  It was too large, and so I cut it down because I just liked the way it looked. 

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Girly Girl Journal

I was asked to make a journal by a lady I work with, for her friend who works in the same industry as we do.  When I asked what she wanted, she was explaining that she is really girly, and then dropped her name.  Turns out, I knew her from when I worked with her years ago, so I new exactly what to make!  When describing her, my co-worker said she is excelling at her new job, and they call her super star!  It all just clicked in my head!

This woman is very fashionable, always dressed up, with accessories, make up flawless, and always wore something pink, and had a green emerald ring that she never took off.  So this is my interpretation of what I remember of her!  The "T" is cut from Cindy Lou and layered.  The heel is from Gypsy Wanderings, as is the star on the inside.  I used a silver pen on the inside to write:  "Wish upon a star Superstar"  Note the green bling = emerald ring... I hope she likes it!

As always, Thank you for looking!
Have a great, crafty day!


Monday, April 11, 2011


I was all grins yesterday, and can't help but grinning today!  My hubby went fishing for the day with his dad and I, I had the whole day to myself in my dear old craft room!  I did do some cleaning and laundry, and all the kind of fun stuff, but for the most part, I crafted!  How exciting!  It was wonderful!  So, I made quite a few things!  The only thing I do not have done yet, but still working on, are some of those wooden letters that I am decorating for my hubby's niece.  She said she wanted her name in letters on her wall in her bedroom.  Lydia, the niece, is a cheerleader and all that kind of stuff, so I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do exactly. 

Oh well, onward!  I am so thrilled that I did all of these, and had so much fun!  Listening to some Dean Martin, while my "babies" slept at my feet, was a great way to spend the day!  So here goes: Unless otherwise noted, all of these were made with scrap paper!  Trying to use those up!  :o)

I used the Just Because Cards cartridge for the corn stalks and  and the negative of the word "summer" from Stretch Your Imagination to stencil on the word.  The Tomato wired ribbon I bought from a Michaels dollar ribbon bin last year.  I had not used it yet, and thought this was the perfect fit for it.  On the inside, I didn't take a picture, but I used the negative of the corn stalks to paint with water color a corn stalk on the inside, to match the background paper.

I bought the birdhouse and bird stamps, and little birdies from a dollar bin at Joann's last weekend.  I loved the little birdies, and what the birdhouse said.  The yellow frame scalloped cut is from Just Because, ran a red ribbon through it, and hand wrote the sentiment.

This was a fun card to make.  The flourish is from Cindy Lou, and the the "Hello" was another dollar stamp from Joann's!  (I love dollar bins!)  The button is actually hand sewn through the paper with floss.  The inside of this card I ran through my sewing machine to punch the holes for the stitching.  That is hand sewn as well with more floss!  The trailing off of stitching and the curve was intentional!  I was already asked if I didn't know how to work a sewing machine.  While I am not a pro by any means, it was intentional!  :o)

I love this one!  Inspired by a trip to none other than Tractor Supply! (Go figure!)  My husband and I went there two weeks ago(that's how long I had this duck in my head!  They had baby ducks and chicks for sale along with some baby rabbits!  I was just in love with these ducks!  They were so stinking cute!  :o)  I totally wanted one!  I didn't think I had a duck at all in my selection of cartridges, but alas, I did!  Good 'ol Just Because cards!  (THANKS MAMA!)  Lots of layering and hand stitching on this one.  Some pop dots, and a little sign!  The inside (below) says "...a Ducky Easter."  I am in love with this duck! 

This was fun card to make!  This is where I used to positive of the word "summer" from SYI for the front.  The glass of lemonade is from Just Because Cards, and I used my edge punch!  The inside, once again I used the negative and stenciled the word "summer" on the inside and wrote "HAPPY" above it.

This is a first for me!  I am super excited about this new technique (to me anyways)!  This was trial #1.  Totally made of non-matching scraps to see how this would work!  The stamping is all off, and not very pretty, the papers, are not my favorite, but sometimes you just have to try something new!  This is a window slide card.  I do not remember exactly where I saw this, but have been lurking around online to try to find some inspiration and saw this several months ago, drew a sketch of it, found my sketch yesterday and thought, why not?  It's a little difficult to put this together, and make sure things stay where they need to stay, and everything works.  If you pull on the tag, which this one is very flimsy it reveals a surprise!  The stamp on the inside is another one from the dollar bin at Joann's.  It's like a window shade, kind of?  I don't really know what this is called...  if you do, please let me know!  :o)  So after this one, which took a lot of trial and error I thought I'd make another one, that would be a little prettier than this one!

Here is my "real one."  The tag is cut from Plantin Schoolbook, layered twice, and reinforced.  There are probably four layers in the tag to give it stability and better function.  The tree is from SYI (I do believe), the little birds, branches and sentiment is cut from Wild Card, while the sun is hand cut.  The inside (didn't take a picture) is just the negative again of the birds and branches in coordinating colors.

Thank you so much for looking at what I have created!  Taking the time to look and possibly even commenting means the world to me.  I could not do what I do without your sources of inspiration, and that is what all of you are to me!  I hope you like what I have done!

Thank you again!

P.S.  When is hubby going fishing next!  I have my mojo back!  :o)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

8x8 Journal

I had 2 whole hours in my craft room last night, and I must say, it felt so good!  On one hand it was good to get back in there, on the other hand, I wish I didn't have a set list of things I had to get done.  But nonetheless, I finished up some projects I was working on, and that feels good!

The first journal, I made for Karen, a lady that I work with.  She wanted a larger journal, so I made an 8x8 journal for her.  The funny thing is that she said she wanted purples, but didn't know what.  So I told her I would bring in some of my papers for her to look at. When she saw this blue paper with the green flourish and little flowers, she said she wanted to use that.  So much for purple!  The base of this one is yellow cardstock,  with her paper cut a little smaller.  Her name is from Cindy Lou, welded, and then another version cut slightly larger for a little shadow effect.  "Private Thoughts" was also cut from CL, but without the designs in it.  I also welded a little "s" shaped swril in the "K" of her name to give the first letter a little something extra.  I then inked her name with a little lime green.  The green flourish on the top right was cut from SYI.  I then used the negative of the flourish to add an extra piece on.  The flowers were cut from Lyrical Letters and Plantin Schoolbook and I added a little bling to the centers of the flowers.  I couldn't find the exact paper I wanted to use for the flowers, so I made my own.  I took a yellow piece of paper and light green and orange marker and made a plaid pattern with them.  THen I took a red pen and made swirls all over the paper then cut out the flowes.  I wanted to utilize all the colors in the paper she picked out!  On the inside, I used a little more of the same yellow and made a pocket for her to slide little notes in. 

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I received an award?

Wow... what do I say?  So I am new at this whole award thing, so I will do my best to follow through on what I am supposed to do.

There are rules after recieving this reward and they are:
1.  Thank the person who sent it to you
2.  Tell 7 things about yourself
3.  Send/Reward this to 15 bloggers 

Kate over at Cards on the Fly awarded me the Versitile Blogger Award.  I must say a big THANK YOU to Kate.  I appreciate the thought of me when you received this award to forward it on to!

7 Things about myself:

1. I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska as the youngest of five with four older brothers.  I just love my brothers!
2. My Mama is my best friend.  I am just like her!
3. I am married to a great guy, whom I love very much.
4. I love my two labs, Abigail and Scout - they are my babies!
5. I love music and know probably too much about music, songs, lyrics, artists, etc...  full of useless information that I will never use!
6. My heroes are the men and women who so bravely serve in the armed forces, and those who have fought, and died for our freedom.  Especially my Dad. 
7. My favorite things to wear are flip flops and my hoodies.  And the seasons rarely fall where I can wear both at the same time, but when things align to allow me to wear both - I am in heaven.

And now to give the Versitile Blogger award to others!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank You and I am Sorry I Have Been Absent!

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to say Thank You to all of those followers who have joined my blog!  There have been so many that have come by to take a peek, visit, and even sign up to be a follower!  I enjoy having visitors, and te number of followers I had before (9) Momo's blog, were very cherished and much appreciated, but I am amazed that so many others have liked what they saw and decided to follow!  So to my pre-Momo followers, thank you for your continued support.  And to my post-Momo followers, welcome, and thank you for checking out my Crafty Scraps!  Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart!  <3

Whew!  What a week it has been!  Work has been absolutely CRAZY and so have my evenings at home!  I haven't been in my craft room in over a week now, and I am completely feeling withdrawls.  I have designed a couple of cards/projects on my Gypsy, here and there, some finished designs, some not, but haven't made it back to actually carry out the process of cutting and putting them together.  I hope, despite that there is yet another extremely busy weekend ahead of me, that I can get some projects done!  I hope... 

So I wanted to apologize for not posting anything lately, but I haven't done anything lately.  Instead, I will post an old project, but nonetheless, my absolute favorite card that I have ever made.  It was made for my mother shortly after a trip to a local Farmer's Market.  Enjoy!

Thank you again for visiting!