Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Very First Tri-Fold Card!

So here it is - my very first Tri-Fold card!  I am SO excited about this one!  I hate to say, maybe because it's so girly?!?!  SO, not my style, but I am loving it! 

I made this for my niece, Anna Faye, who had tubes put in her little ears this morning.  She is doing well, but thought I would send her a bit of mail!  :o)

So, the funny thing about these scraps, is that they are all from my dear SIL's bridal shower!  The tags and all!  We threw her a tea party for her bridal shower, and used the tags as name tags, and decorated flowers, and things like that!  I must say these came in quite handy when wanting to put together this card for Anna Faye.  I wonder if her mom will remember these items? hmmm...  Oh well...  and the circle continues!

The Tags are from PS cut at I believe 2.5" and then the frame was cut out with it, and the flowers were cut from SYI with the different features included as well.  I am going to write on the tag on the left hand side as well as the two empty squares on the right!

I love how sweet it is!  Perfect for my little Anna Faye! 

Hope you feel better baby girl!  Love you bunches!

Thanks for looking everyone!

"Auntie M"


  1. Very cute. I'm sure she will love it. Here's to a speedy recovery for your niece.


  2. Thank you Angie! I appreciate it!