Friday, July 29, 2011

A Variety of Things...

I'm still working towards a goal, so last night, I made several different things!  So... let's go!

The first is a card I made where I actually used the negative of the ladybug from Just Because I needed a lady bug for another project, and thought, well, might as well be able to use the negative and the positive, right?  (I have wasting things!)  So, The negative of the ladybug with some white flowers, with hole punched red paper for the center and a stamp that was in my stash.  Oh, and some scrap ribbon I had.  I also recently bought a white chalk-ink pad so I used that for the stamping and inking.  I am totally diggint the whte stamp pad!

Next are two cards that I made using a cut from Designer's Calendar!  I don't refer to this cart often enough!  It has some really cute images on there, not just for Calendar making!  :o)  I cut the image in two different patterns and made two cards with it.  I like how it turned out!  Simple, but it works!  I tend to lean more towards doing simpler cards, sometimes too much messes with my head!  :o)  The inside is stamped with "It's Your Day!" 

I <3 Shoes!    I love this little journal I made!  The background paper doesn't show up well but it is a really pretty purple strip, with a yellow and white plka-dot shoe, and the "I<3SHOES" is Welded together using Plantin Schoolbook.  The shoe is from Gypsy Wanderings.  I think it turned out kind of cute!  I must say, I do not <3 shoes.  I am a flip flop girl in the summer and a hiking boot girl in the winter.  I know one extreme to the other, but I know plenty of people who <3 shoes!  Ha! 

Lady Bug Journal - Ok, this is the positive of the image from Just Because I cut from my previous card.  I sparkled up the inside of her spots, and welded the words "lady" from Lyrical Letters.  I kind of like this little cutie!

Butterfly Journal - Background paper was in my scrap bin, and I stamped some swily design in each corner.  The butterfly is from Sentimentals, and I used scrap paer for her as well!  I like the colors on the butterfly... maybe it's just me, but I think it's a sweet lil' journal! 

Last but not least...  whew, I know... the owl journal.  The owl is from Sentimentals as well.  I am totally loving this little guy, right now, even though he was a pain in the behind to do... and let me tell you why.  I had cut all of these images used in this post and did all the noisy stuff before my hubby goes to bed.  So I used my Gypsy, sized everything, arranged all my papers on my cutting mat, and was ready to start assembling these journals.  Well, I realized after my hubby went to bed that I forgot to cut out the layers of the wings, and the larger areas around his eyes that go up to his ears and the brown for the branch the owl sits on.  Normally wouldn't be a problem, BUT with the way we set up my craftroom, The desk that hubby built for me is in a large nook inthe room, and right on the other side of the wall, is our bed, my hubby's head, where he sleeping.  Ever woke a grumpy bear?  Anywho...  So the layers in yellow, yes it was yellow before it was inked, and kind of looks like a shade of green in this pic, were all cut by hand, the old-fashioned way with a pair of scissors.  I will say they were Cricut Brand scissors, so it was cut by Cricut, but holey moley, I will never make that mistake again... So I winged it!  Get it, "winged" it?  You kow, the layers, wing....  WOW - I need to get some sleep....

So that is all (for now)!  There will still be more to come! 

Thank you for looking!  I really appreciate the time you spend here, it means the world to me!

Paper Love and Hugs,


  1. Oh my gosh, Mary you were busy!! I love all of your projects. Great job on the owl too!

  2. Wow! All in one night?! You were on a roll! All fabulous creations!

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  4. Winged it! LOL. All of your projects are soooo cute! TFS! :-)

    I know JUST what you mean by "cutting by hand". I cut out a Chihuahua by hand --- not becuz I had a grumpy bear to worry about (LOL) but cuz I didn't have the cart. w/ the design on it.

    It reminded me sooooo much of "before Cricut" --- something I don't want to ever relive again. LOL

    You can see her on my blog on my July 6th post. :-)