Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Invites

When I was part of the "show" that my SIL had at her house in July, I was asked if I could make Toy Story Birthday Invites, precisely Woody invites.  I thought, sure!  I didn't have the Toy Story cartridge at that time, and said why not, right?  First, you don't turn down an order, especially your first larger order.  So, I found the Toy Story cartridge on ebay for I think it was $27, the day after the show.  What a steal!  So, then I played around with styles and layouts.  The lady who wanted them said her son, Jayce, was turning 3, and wanted the invite to say "Hey Howdy Hey It's Jayce's 3rd Birthday!"  So, that's just what I did!  I welded the Howdy with my Gypsy with the Plantin Schoolbook font, and hand wrote the "heys" on the front.  I like how they turned out.  I will say though, Putting together mass quantities of these were a little overwhelming!  All the little pieces and Woody's eyeballs...  let me tell you about Woody's eyeballs....  so little and holy moly... I think I went crosseyed!  :o)  Anyoof you who have made Woody before can atest to that one!  So, anywhos...  the background is plain cardstock, and Woody is cut at approx. 5.62 inches - gotta love the Gypy's exact heigth!  The card is 6x4.5.  I used a corner rounder+design and the inside has "It's Jayce's 3rd Birthday" plus all the Birthday info. 

Thank you for looking!  I appreciate your time!

Hugs and Paper Love,

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