Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cupcake Flowers!

In my imaginary world...  this is what I would see if I looked out my window!  :o)

If cupcakes grew like this, could you imagine how the air would be so sweet with the smell of freshly baked cupcakes and oh the smell of homemade chocolate frosting...  wow...  ok, so I might have a problem with cupcakes!  But, seriously, how many of us would purchase seeds to grow these, or buy the plants and transplant them in the backyard?  I would - I know several people who would! 

I came across this idea on accident.  I was using my Gypsy to design a Birthday Card, and had the fence tag option selected from Wrap It Up (received as a C-mas gift - THANKS MAMA), and had the flowers picked out from Just Because Cards.  I received Sweet Treats from my SIL Kate for C-mas (THANKS KATE), and decided maybe instead of the flowers I might use cupcakes somehow on the card.  I selected the cupcake I wanted and when I went back to the screen with my mat layout, the cupcake appeared over top of the actual flower part of the cut.  Then the lightbuld went off!  Not only did it turn on, but I think it exploded!  So I left the flower on the cut so I could have something to adhere the cupcakes to and just added the cupcakes. 

So that's the story behind cupcake flowers.  I tried to think of something clever for the sentiment, but just couldn't.  So I embossed Happy Birthday on the inside and added another cupcake.  I hope this came out alright and doesn't look too funky with cupcakes growing like flowers!

Thank you for looking!


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