Friday, February 10, 2012

New stamp... and copics - eat your heart out!!!

I want to show my project first, and then go into details...

I recently acquired two stamps (in one set) from Archiver's using a gift card!  I forget who they are by as I do not have the packaging in front of me, but it is such a darling little set!  However, I did run into a few little issues.  Cleverly packaged, I did not notice that these stamps were not mounted... I mean, no wood, no cling, no nothing, and to be honest, by reading the package, it made me think that it was a clear acrylic stamps and all I had to do was use one of my blocks... boy was I wrong.  It was actually a stamp-stamp, like a wood mounted stamp that was just left out of the process of mounting to anything, you know that brown rubber, and that was it.  So, I wanted to try it out anyway, because I couldn't resist, and just laid it on a sheet of scrap paper, image sideuo, inked it, and then laid my paper over it and CAREFULLY pressed down to transfer the image onto cardstock.  You can see in between the two girls in this image, down by their socks where there is a little smudge of brown ink that I accidently got on there in the transfer.  The sentiment was a seperate stamp and I did the same technique and that didn't turn out so well... so must figure out a way to mount this sucker for easier use...  hmmm.... 

Anywhos, I also bought a 3-pack of water blending pens, with three different tips, large, medium and small.  I have lots of small stamp pads of a variety of colors and seeing this technique used a lot on youtube and such, I decided to try it out!  The pen looks similar to this...

This was the only picture I could find of something similar from the web... it's refillable, and allows you to blend colors together.  I would fill the pen with tap water, and then use it like a paint brush and "dip" it into the color stamp pad I wanted to use and blend the colors.  It's easy to make it a darker color, lighte or anything like that, And a package of 3 pens only cost about 3 bucks, and I can use ANY color stamp pad I have!  It's like having (from what I've seen) copic markers, but I can re-use the same same water pen over and over.  Just kee a scarp piece of paper to "brush" out the remaining color left on the tip and then go to your next color!  It's so wonderful!!!  and you never run out of "ink" in the pens because it is just water - you just re-fill it!  They are very easy to handle, and the variety of the thicknesses in the tips are great for everything from larger stamps to smaller stamps.  One thing I do wish I would have done is actually wait after stamping my image BEFORE I got so excited to try oput my new pens, because the ink on the stamped image wasn't quite dry yet, before I started in with more ink and water.  Note  to self - practice self control!  hehe!!

Anywho - I thought I'd share my latest venture in the world of crafting!!!  I tried something new - and I loved it!  Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share my entire experience and thoughts!


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