Monday, March 7, 2011

More Journals!

So this is the bulk of what I have been up to lately.  I so enjoy making mini-journals!  They are so much fun!  Most of these are 4x4, some are 3x6.  They are filled with regular copy printer paper, so nothing special there!  There are Cricut cuts on every single one of these!  Let's see if I can break them all down:

Far left:  Dragonfly is from Gypsy Wanderings (GW), and Circles are from I believe StoryBook.  The punch is not Criicut however.

Right:  The dress is from GW and wrapped with ribbon.  The "dream" is cut from GW as well.

A little inking on both!

Far left:  The tree is cut from "Just Because Cards, and stamped with a butterfly and daisies, and added brown ribbon. 

Right:  The mug is from GW, layered, and inked.  I used the same edge punch, and then above it, is written "live... love.... coffee..."  What else is there?  This book is 2x4

Once, again, all are inked around the edges.

This one is very simple but I love it!  The little bee is just soooo sweet  He has so much personality.  The bee and his little home are from Sentimentals.  When I received this cartridge, I couldn't get my mind off of these two images.  I love them!  A little yellow ribbon and done!

No inking on this one!


Let's try this side!  The flower is from Cindy Lou.  i love all the flourishes on that cartridge!  The bloom is from CL I believe as well.  Kind of drawing a blank...  I will look it up and correct if necessary!

This one - inked...

For this one, I wanted to go a bit more masculine, but it ended up being rather geneirc, for either female or male!  Orange is my favorite color, so I just love this!  The Stars are cut from GW, and the "wish upon a star stamp is on loan from my SIL. 

... just a little orange inking on this one!

On the left:  We have the same "Dream" sentiment as used earlier (b/c I love it so), and kept that one simple with a little inking and a border punch. 

Right:  Another favorite!  The ladybugs are from ___  okay, I am losing it!  I have been using so many different cartridges lately, they are all kind of running around in my head!  I will fix!  Wanted to kee this simple, black white and red.

A little inking on these!

I made these for a friend I work with two little boys.  One is into guitars, the other into CSI kind of stuff!

Left: The guitars are from Indie Art - no inking

Right:  ??s from every differeny font I could find that were distinctly different.  The magnifying glass I welded 2 circles, and a Capital "I" to make.  The caution tape was made with the banner from Stand and Salute (trimmed a little) and welded the words "CAUTION" with Plantin School Book.
A little light blue and dark blue inking on this one.  You can't really see it but inside the magnifying glass is a light fingerprint...  if anyone asks... it's mine!

Another favorite...
The background is Black Magic paper, Cuddlebugged, and sanded to expose the blue.  The same paper - opposite side for color matching - was  cut in a 3" circle.
The butterfly is from Lyrical Letters, welded together.
Now, the cloroing on the butterfly was a little difficult.  I didn't have paper to match quite how I wanted - so I made my own.  White paper, with glue smeared accross it. I "shaved" some chalk with my fingernail and blended the colors together till I got what I wanted.  The white dots didn't show well with my white gel pen, so a toothpick and some white acrylic paint dd the job!  I love this one!

These were requested by a gentleman I work with who has 3 little girls.  He wanted princess themed journals for his daughters.  Since I know how little girls can be, I wanted them to be the same, but a little different.  The crown was cut from StoryBook.  Jeweled brads were added to the crowns, lots and lots of ribbon.  I tried to keep it sweet, since these are little girls we are talking about! 
These are going in their Easter Baskets!


  1. I am in so much love with these. They are so cute.


  2. I love these journals!!! I just bought a cinch but haven't used it yet. What type of paper did you put inside of the journals?


  3. OMG!! You've been a very busy gal! These are fabulous! Love your ladybugs the most of course. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2. xxD