Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Poem {and Ramblings} of a Scrapper

by: Mary

What inspires one to add
a ribbon here, a button there.
Is it the thrill of a challenge
to participate in one,
or perhaps challenge yourself

Tough decisions to be made
greens, blues, yellows,
paper: patterned, geometric,
whimiscal, solid... tougher
than to decide that night's dinner

I have so many cartridges...
but I need more... they need to come out with
one that has...  I don't even use that one that much... I'll use it now...
but it has... I think...  there it is...  oh but look at that...
that font is nice... I could do a monogram... with that one paper I had...

Hours wasted away
your mind in a happy place
surrounded by stacks, bins,
drawers... full of paper,
yet there is need for more

Bling or Brad...
Round or Square...
Card or Craft...
Pop Dot or Glue...
what if I put that here and that....

OOOH!  I remember I saw on the MB...
that color combination, would be perfect... I need to use my scraps...
but which cart, LL, PP, PS, CL?  I am looking
for a flower, perhaps a tulip...  I like that bird... that's a pretty tree...
I have to change papers.. again.

So many ideas, so little time,
Cooking, Cleaning, Working,
Laundry, little ones need some love, too!
Abigail and Scout need to go outside..
instead of napping under my craft table...

I need some music,
to craft along with and possibly
inspire another creation,
a Happy Birthday card, a crafty gift,
all made with the heart, made with love

I can do two cards tonight... maybe 3 if I hurry...
make a decision, Mary... I had saved on my Gypsy a deisgn...
Weld. Cut. Glue.  This is perfect for... oh wait - Birthday next weekend
Gotta make a... embellishments? {now, which paper should I... sigh}
I love my hobby.

I really, love, my hobby.


  1. What a wonderful, insightful poem! Mary, you are so talented! I love your poem; it says so much that goes thru our hearts and minds that men just can't grasp. I feel like we are kindred spirits! God bless you, Mary!

  2. This is amazing! I believe you had to express your feelings about your hobby and it came out great! I love it!