Monday, July 11, 2011

I made cupcakes... then I made cupcakes! :o)

Is it obvious I was on a cupcake kick this past weekend?  I haven't baked anything in quite some time, so this past weekend I decided I was going to bake cupcakes!  To me, there's nothing better than a standard white cupcake with buttercream frosting.  There is just something so simple and wonderful about it, it's hard to explain!  While I am a girl who loves, I mean, LOVES chocolate, sometimes simple is better!  Saturday morning my house smelled like cake!  That alone was exciting!  I used my Mama's buttercream frosting recipe, which to me is just comfort!  :o)  One of my hubby's buddies came over Saturday night and he ate five of them!  Then my hubby said (knowing better) "did you make frosting or did you use canned?"  Then my hubby got the look - you know which one I am talking about!  So here are the cucakes I made and I even broke out some star sprinkles and put a few on top.

Now, on to the crafty stuff inspired by the baking of cupcakes!  I made these two cards (figured if I am making one, I might as well make two for my stash, right?)  I used the scallop ocal from Storybook cut at 4" for the oustside and 3" on the inside.  The cupcake is from Wild Card, and the frosting is embossed.  The ovals are inked, and I just wrapped some ribbon around the oval and tied a small piece around the candle.  The sentiment is hand-written.  Normally, I do not post pictures of what the inside of my cards look like, but thought these came out really cute!  The inside has the 3" oval scallops with a hole punch to resemble a tag, with the same color ribbon on the inside, and I used two different stamps for the inside sentiment.  One is the cupcake which I have had for years and don't remember what brand it was.  The "enjoy!" was a sentiment on another stamp that had a sundae above it.  I wanted the "enjy!" but not the sundae since I wanted to stick with the cupcake theme!  I just inked hald of the stamps and prayed that it would work out and it did!   I really like how these turned out and I hope you like them as well! 

Thank you as always for taking the time to look!  It means a lot to me! 

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