Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've been a little busy...

But not too busy for crafting!  I am working on something big... well it's a big deal to me and am excited but also very nervous about it... more on that later!  :o)  So I thought I would post everything I have been working on.  Which doesn't seem like much, but at the same time, there is so much more that isn't finished yet either.  So here are my latest projects that I wanted to share with you...  I hope you enjoy! 

10 Thank You Cards

I am trying to build up my stash...  I mean really build it up, so I made 10 "Thank You" cards.  I made something similar to these a while ago, liked the style so much and have been wanting to make more, so I did!  All of these were cut using the marqueee cut from Storybook, one slightly smaller than the other, layered then folded.  I think it makes a simple, but cute little shaped card!  The "Thank You's" are made using several different fonts from Lyrical Letters and Cindy Lou, welded together using my Gypsy and cut out.  Some are inked, some are colored in, some using the positive of the cut, some using the negative.   Lots and lots of doodling on all of these... 

all 10 cards...

Some stand upright and open like a standard card... 

...others open top to bottom.

Birthday Card Using Stand and Salute

I decided I need to use this cart more often, so that's what I am trying to do.  The Shooting Star is from Stand and Salute and I just cut the image again slightly smaller so I could layer it.  And oh boy... Mary used glitter!!!  There is a bit of small speckled glitter on the pop-dotted star (I know it's hard to tell) but for a non-glittery kind of girl, I stepped outside the box and am kind of pleased with the results!  I may have to use this more often!  The inside of the card says "it's your Birthday and used leftover white stars from my 4th of July card to decorate the inside.  Very simple card, but still cute (I think).
Can you see the little flecks of glitter?  They are barely there, but they are there!  :o)  Hey, it's a start!

Create A Critter Baby Shower Invitations

Oh yes, Mary went shopping, to a craft store, and bought a new cartridge!  I have been wanting Create a Critter for some time now and darn it, I just bought it, for me, for no particular reason! Oh, and there was another purchase of my first ever corner rounder/punch decorative thingy... what do you call those things??  I wanted these to be simple, after all, I know no one who is pregnant at the moment, who is having a shower, but just wanted them as examples.  The "She's Expecting" stamp I bought in the dollar bin at Michael's years ago, but it still comes in handy every once in a while!  The lion is more of a baby boy baby shower and the giraffe could be generic...  I dont know.  I have another one at home I am working on for a baby girl baby shower... but that one is not done yet!  :o)


I have been on another journal kick lately as well...  All of these journals are made from scrap pireces of paper (you know I love it)!

"Dream" Journal
The Dream on the first one is cut from Gypsy Wanderings.  Now I didn't know which paper to use for the word "Dream" because I loved the colors in the background paper, and didn't want it to clash, so I cut a piece of ivory cardstock, and inked it with my Martha Stewart ink (oh my another purchase for Mary!??!?! {if you know me you know I don't go shopping often, almost at all... for anything - so kind of a big deal!})  I then took my Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink pad and just made lines across the words... I like the effect and I think it matches the background paper well! 

Home is Where Your Heart Lives (4x4)

The Birdhouse cut from Stretch Your Imagination, and I used another stamp I have had for years from the Michael's dollar bin, as well as the two little birds I bought from Joann's dollar bin more recently.  I went over the stamp with a brass kind of colord pen.  I like botht he bright colors of the birdhouse mixed with the inking and my attempt at making it look distressed.  I doodled a little heart in the center of the birdhouse as well. 

Flourish Journal (4x4)

The flourish on this journal was cut from Cindy Lou with layers...  The picture doesn't show it well, but the main colors on the flourish are a really pretty purple and a dark chocolate brown.  I like the simplicity of it, but the bit of complexity that the flourish offers. 

Window Scene with Flourish (8x8)

This is an 8x8 journal I have made but have not bound yet... I can't decide what color to put on the inside covers of the journal, but once I figure that out, I will finally bind it...  A simple square, with a frame from Just Cindy Lou, or Just Because, I don't remember wleded inside the square with my Gypsy.  The corner "flourish" is from Storybook, and doodled the inside of those a bit.  Then I cut the clouds from stand and Salute, the grass from Plantin Schoolbook, layered 4 times and inked, the little flowers are from Create A Critter and inked, and the tree is from Gypsy Wanerings (foilage cuttlebugged and trunk inked).  I feel like I need a bit more on the frame though and don't know what.  The spaces in between the corner flourishes look very bare... perhaps some more doodling, another cut, some more flowers... I don't know... ANY IDEAS?  I am open to all suggestions!  Please suggest away!  !  :o)

WHEW!!!  Deep breath...  Ok, that is it, for now...  I am still crafting, I just haven't been online posting anything lately, but have LOTS more in the works!  I promise!  I am on a kick, preparing myself for...  more  info later!  :o)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek and didn't mind my ramblings too much!  I appreciate the time you spent to look through my creations!  It really means a lot to me!

Happy Crafting and enjoy your day!  :o)



  1. OMGoodness, you have been super busy creating wonderful masterpieces. Awesome job! ~Shen

  2. All of your projects are just wonderful. I really love the journals. I am a journal freak, I love them. I just became your newest follower, I would love for you to visit me too. Hugs, Pam at

  3. You are so talented! I love all of these!

  4. I just read your comment to me on my blog and you are such a sweetheart! Thanky you so much!

  5. Wow, you have been busy! Great projects! I'm always thinking that I need to build up a better stash. Great idea!