Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday - for my hubby

My husband's Birthday is coming up, on the 23rd, so I made this card for him.  All made out of scrap paper!  I haven't bought anything new in so long... I have too many scraps and need to use them!!!  The paper was a horizontal stripe, so I cut the shape free hand to ensure I had diagonal stripes just to add some interest.  Then took a section of the paper and cut the green-blue-green stripe so break it up a bit and used some chocolate brown cardstock to emboss on and create a scallop edge.  The scallop is from Plantin Schoolbook, and that is it.  Perhaps I need to invest in a scallop edge punch to make it a bit easier!  Some day...  Anywho - the doodling is done in a white gel pen and a chocolate brown pen, and the "to you" is hand-written.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Mary, I LOVE this card!! I love how you turned the stripes sideways and how you broke them up in the middle...but most of all I LOVE that white embossing on the chocolate brown! Awesome!!