Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank You - for the Lebkuchen

Happy Monday!

I want to start off by saying this is a card made with love!  My dear Aunt Donna, whom I love dearly, left a surprise on my doorstep for me to find one day when I came home from work.  I say "I" because my hubby isn't a big fan of what was in the package, but, I am so a fan!  I am of German-Irish descent.  My mother's side of the family is German, and my Father's side is Irish.  My Aunt every year for Christmas makes Lebkuchen. Find out more here:  To my knowledge I am the only one of my generation who likes Lebkuchen.  It's a cookie that has a distinct warming taste, and pairs great with coffee in the morning...  yes cookies with coffee...  why not?  You only live once!  :o)  There was also another little goodie in the bag that just warmed my heart.  Love you Aunt Donna! 

Anywhos, this is a card I made for her.  I used From My Kitchen, a gift from my MIL for Christmas - thanks Charlotte and altered the apron a bit.  I hid the original cut of the pear or apple or whatever it was on the top part of the apron and then cut a star in Kraft paper (brown is the color of Lebkuchen).  The star shape is one of the shapes my Aunt cut her cookies in and she tops the cookis with a thin layer of frosting.  So thin it's practically see through but adds a great sweetness to the cookie.  I then cut the Thank You from Wild Card and doodled on that a bit and used my new "Sew Easy" a gift from Mama - thank you Mama! 

I loved to make this card and hope Aunt Donna likes this card!  She is a very crafty person - all my mother's sisters are!  So, hopefully, she will like this card!

Thank you for looking!

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