Monday, February 27, 2012

Card for a Wedding

This was such a neat card to make, and I used something I have never used before in a card - vellum.  I had one sheet of vellum... one, and you know how us crafters are... I am going to save this one sheet for something special... so this what that one project!  My husbands friend and his fiance were married last weekend.  My husband was in their wedding, and I needed to make a card for the newlyweds!  I decided to try something new, and while it's not perfect, I think it turned out alright!  :o)

The card base is cut from Wrap It up.  I cut the card base twice so I would have two layers of the front image, so that I could make a sandich out of the image.  I folded the vellum in half and in between the halves, I adhered (barely) the champagne layer of the cut.  That's tricky, because vellum shows everything doesn't it?  Once I adhered the vellum to the backside of the card image, I used my extra cut of the card and put it on it inside of the card so to hide the vellum and make it look like a vellum window card.  The congratulations was cut in red from the same cartridge, because their colors were red and white.  Added a bit of ribbon to the fold and done!  This was new for me and I like the way it turned out!  I hope my explanation wasn't too confusing.  The front of the card is basically a giant sandwich, with four layers, 5 if you include the champagne layer. 

Thank you for looking!  I hope you enjoy and as always, thank you for taking the time to look!


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