Friday, March 22, 2013

Love to Cook - Something Different!

I have always loved to cook.  My Mama raised us with home-cooked meals just about every night!  I appreciated the fact that she did that for us.  I hope to do the same for my daughter, my family.  All the while, teaching her the little tricks my Mama taught me.  I have been wanting to make something different.  I was tired of making, cooking, eating the same old things!  Do you ever get that way?  We all have the "go-to's" - the dinners you always have everything you need in house, and can usually whip up pretty quickly.  For us, it's Mexican.  We always have either chips, tortillas, or taco shells around, ground beef, or chicken, cheese, salsa, sour cream, beans (either black or refried - love black beans!) and rice.  It's an easy meal for a weeknight! 

On a Sunday afternoon I had an idea!  I had everything I needed to make a homemade chicken pot pie.  From scratch.  Crust and all.  So I made the filling with 2 packages of frozen vegetables, made some chicken broth, cubed and grilled the chicken, made the pie crust, etc...  I had decided after I added everythi9ng together in one skillet that it was enough for TWO chicken pot pies.  So, I made two!  And for extra eye candy, I added a pie bird to the top.  They turned out amazing!  I had never made one before, EVER!  The texture and consistancy was incredible, and it didn't run everywhere when we cut into it.  It held up so well! 

This is my first food entry!  Hopefully of many more to come! 

So, leave a comment of what your family's "go-to" meal is.  Do you ever get tired of it?  If so - try something different!  I am SO glad I did!

Thank you for looking!


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  1. Mary, you are such a great cook, and from your description I can just about taste that chicken pot pie right now!! I just adore the picture you took as well! Loving that little pie bird! You rock!