Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Brag Book

This is a very picture heavy post, but wanted to share with you a "Brag Book" that I made for my Mama on Mother's Day.  With the help of my 4 brothers and their wives of sending me recent pictures of all of their children, I was able to assemble this little book for "Mamaw," as she is lovingly referred to and it was from all ten of her grandchildren for Mother's Day!

Since there are 10 Grandchildren, I simply titled the Brag Book "10."  I made a collage of pictures for each page for each family.  Then embellished and went crazy with baker's twine, chipboard cut outs, stickers/decals, stamps, and of course - BUTTONS!  I also added a few non-page elements that don't include pictures but added interest instead.  I used plain chipboard for the front and back cover and covered it with paper, and bound it with my Cinch, and then a green ribbon built into the front and back cover to tie it closed.

So here is my project...  Starting from the cover!  All of the pictures I took with my phone, so I hope they look alright... 

Chipboard "10" and a metal tag that says "together"

My oldest brother and his wife's daughter.  She is such a fun, energetic little girl!

My brother and sister in law's 3 boys. Monogram stickers with their initials and a giant button!  These boys are roguh and tough and give good hugs!

A tag slide out... and the little envelope is made from a paper towel roll cut down to size, embellished with some baker's twine and a star button. 

My brother and his wife's two beautiful daughters.  They are such great sisters to each other.  I quilled the flower and leaves, then added some "bling" to the center of the flower.

The youngest brother and his wife's family.  Silver monograms with their initials, washi-tape, and baker's twine.  Such wonderful personalities in these three!  And lots of energy! 

A sewn layered tag and I just wrote that little message on there - it's true!

Our daughter, but you've already met her, embellished with buttons and a single rose wrapped around the center button.

Family pictures of the three boys together...  LOVE this picture - it is so colorful and fun!  Embellished with a chipboard cut out and some washi tape.

Leaves bound in the book (not real of course)... just added some interest and accented the picture of the boys in the leaves on the opposite page.

Chipboard letters, pop-dotted and colorful with a couple doodles.

Another family picture of siblings.  Is this not the sweetest picture ever?

The sisters again.... they have turned into beautiful young women.    Embellished with some thickers. 

A tag at the end for Mamaw, on the back are all of the grandchildren's names!

 Thank you for looking!  I appreciate you stopping by!!


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