Monday, May 23, 2011

L-Y-D-I-A's Letters

I am really pleased with how this turned out, and I had SO much fun putting all of this together!  My husband's niece just had a Birthday Party, and also a little combined celebration of her graduation from 5th grade.  She had mentioned around Christmas that she wantd decorated letters of her name to hang up in her room.  She is a cheerleader, and eats it, breathes it, lives it, loves it.  HOWEVER, I didn't want to make a cheerleading themed "LYDIA" because if she decided tomorrow she hated it, I didn't want to commit to a specific thing.  She is however, a girly girl and so I did her name accordingly!  I just loved the way all of these turned out, and the randomness of it.  With cards I struggle over what papers to use, what colors would match or clash, etc.  With this project, I wanted it to be a little funky, young, girly and just plain fun overall.  When she opened it her eyes lit up, so I guess she liked it!  I was proud of this gift, that is for sure! 

The letters I bought at Joann's on sale, plus a coupon and so I paid around 40 cents for each letter.  They measure aprox 6" tall.  They were white when I bought them, so all I had to do was DECORATE, of course... the fun stuff!   Let's see if I can break all of these down....

L - dragonfly from Gypsy Wanderings; flowers, layered from Cindy Lou, grass from Plantin Schoolbook, ribbon is wrapped plus 2 butterflies from a kit I had received a while back.

Y - "squiggle" welded from Plantin Schoolbook, The flower is from Gypsy Wanderings.  Various buttons were threaded with pink floss and wrapped around the letter.

D:  The tree is from Gypsy Wanderings and I embossed the green on the tree, inked the trunk and branches; the puppy is from Paper Pups, and the ladybugs are from Just Because?

 I:  The star is from Gypsy Wanderings, and I just wrapped a piece of orange ribbon around it and added quite a bit of bling!

A:  The scalloped edge is from Plantin Schoolbook, welded twice to get me a longer piece, the flower is from Gypsy Wanderings, and I just tied a few pieces of bibbon around it.  Oh, and another piece of bling.

Here is the card I made for her as well.  The balloon is just a 3" circle and the cap is from Wild Card.  I apologize for the glue that is still showing as it was not dry and way too much came out, once it dried though, you could barely tell that it was there.  I was able to scrape most of the excess off when it started to dry a bit more.  The letters are hand-written.

The best part about this whole project, is that every single piece that was cut out with my Cricut was cut from SCRAPS from my SCRAP bin!!!  SO MUCH fun!  There is a bit of doodling as well on every letter in some way shape or form.  I would love to do another one of these very soon, as it was that much fun!


  1. Wow! That is just tooooooo sweet! LOVE the li'l ladybugs on the "D". I wonder why, eh? LOL :-)

  2. Wow...awesome inspiration...thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm now following me your stuff...give me new ideas...can't wait...take care...Lee-Ann :)

  3. WOW.... This turned out wonderful! each letter turned out cuter than the last! Nice job! :o)