Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You're OLDometer....

So I completely stole this idea for an OLDometer for a 60th Birthday from someone on the Cricut MB.  I remember seeing the post, and then thinking that it was so clever!  I hoever can't find the original post and didn't bookmark it b/c I didn't think I would ever be abe to make one of these anytime soon.  So to whomever made this card recently on the Cricut MB's - Thank you for your cleverness and I hope you don't mind my scraplifting your idea!

I remembered my Father In Law's birthday, which is today, and he is turning the BIG 6-0!  He's pretty funny and if you ever sat down with him, you'd realize he is such a big kid! I think he might find this card to be funny and take it humorously, not seriously!  So the phrasing was stolen, but then I gave it my own touch! 

The half circle is actually a watermelon from Just Because Cards, with the inside enhancements taken out with my Gypsy.  I cut a rectangle and two circles from Plantin Schoolbook.  I wanted to try to make it look like a dashboard as far as the placement of the pieces, so I hope that worked!  The letters for "OLDometer," and the numbers were cut from Plantin Schoolbook as well as Cindy Lou to make the "60" pop a bit more.  I used Black Magic paper with white on the other side and tore it to expose the color!

Thank you so much for looking - it always means so much to me!


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