Monday, April 22, 2013

Indestructible Reading...

As a first time Mama, I am learning things as my daughter and I move along in this wonderful journey.  We are at the point where everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING that is picked up goes straight into her mouth.  I read to her everyday, and have given her some of those hard books that have 5 or 6 pages in them, and they are the hard cardboard-y kind of books and she can't open the pages yet, etc...  she's only 6 months, afterall.  (A very merry half Birthday to Joanna Rose today!)

So, as a shower gift, we received a book of "Baby Faces" full of facial expressions and bright, vibrant colors.  The pictures are simple, but she is so intrigued by them.  She talks to the faces, and tries to grab the bow she sees in a girls' hair, but anyway, this book is amazing!  It is indeed indestructable!  It is a wonderful that she can have a book that she can chew on, crumple up, and just be a baby with!  I love it!  I wish we had some more of these!  Although it would just be from boredom eventually, because there is no way she can tear this book apart!

If you are looking for a great shower gift, birthday present, or anything like that, I highly recommend these for the little ones in your life. 

Check them out here:

And they have more titles than just ehe baby Faces...  I have to say this is one great way to introduce reading!  I hope she loves to read.  Afterall, I could hand her Harry Potter, and expect miracles, but Indectructibles are better for right now, don't you think?

Baby girl checking out her Baby Faces book.  Can you tell by the creases that it has been loved on a bit?!
I love it!
And this is the book she was looking at!

  Thanks for reading!


**I am not a paid endorser with money or trade.  Just sharing my opinion.  That is all.

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